11 people arrested for rave party in Greater Noida

by amolwarankar

Greater Noida: Police arrested 11 people, including seven foreign men and 4 young women of foreign origin, who were having a rave party in Greater Noida, Uttar Pradesh. No permission was asked for the late night party. Police arrested seven men and four women on the spot. Foreign brand liquor was also recovered from their possession.

Surajpur police had received information that some people were organizing a rave party in a house in the UPSIDC area without permission. Upon receiving the information, the police immediately raided and arrested 11 citizens of foreign origin. Police claimed more than 50 people joined the party. During the police raid, 11 people were caught while others escaped.

Police also recovered 300 beers of foreign brands and several hookahs from them. The police are currently looking for more people who were involved in this party. There is talk of drugs being used in this party.

Police said, ‘ information was received from the informant that a rave party was being organized in a house in the UPSIDC area of Greater Noida without permission. Where many kinds of intoxicants will be served. Police formed a team and raided at midnight and arrested several people including foreigners’.

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