20 people stuck upside down for an hour on a rollercoaster 197 feet up in China

by pranjalipargaonkar

Wuxi: In Wuxi, Jianshu province of China, 20 people were stuck in the air for an hour. This incident happened in Tsunak Park in Wuxi. After an hour of scary sightings, all the people were taken off by a safe roller coaster. The management of Tsunak Amusement Park apologized to the people.

According to Global Times news, this is not the first incident in Tsunak Park. Earlier, a similar incident took place in August 2019. The rollercoaster was filled with people and it got stuck in the air. Park staff say that if a bird flies in front of the rollercoaster, then the sensor of the rollercoaster immediately stops it, so that no accident occurs.

Chinese government officials questioned the management of the Tsunak Amusement Park, they said that the incident is under investigation.

The length of this rollercoaster is 4,192 feet. The highest part is 196.9 feet. This rollercoaster runs at a maximum speed of 119 km per hour. The rollercoaster was stuck on the highest elevation.

The management of Tsunak Park said that all our rides are working properly. People can enjoy them. We are investigating the rides on which there are safety issues. As soon as the investigation is over, we will repair them and open them back to the people. However this was not an accident but for the safety of the people, that the rollercoaster stayed at the top.

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