Ankita Lokhande Angry Over Rhea’s Claims Related To Sushant, Gave ‘This’ Clarification On Social Media

by pranjalipargaonkar

Mumbai : Sushant Singh Rajput’s girlfriend Rhea Chakraborty has responded to all the allegations leveled against her in an interview given to a TV channel. During this, Rhea claimed that Sushant Singh Rajput had also met a psychologist in 2013. Rhea says that the late actor himself told this thing to him. Apart from this, Rhea talked about Sushant and Ankita Lokhande’s phone talk after the breakup. Now Ankita Lokhande has given an explanation on social media dismissing all these claims of Rhea.

Ankita Lokhande wrote – ‘I and Sushant were together till 23 February 2016. He was not in any condition of depression nor went to any psychiatrist. He was completely fine.’

Ankita further wrote – ‘I did not say on any platform that I and Sushant were in touch after the breakup. In fact, I said that during the shooting of the film Manikarnika, Sushant had congratulated me by commenting on a poster of my film. Which was shared by my friend Mukesh Chhabra. I replied to him as a courtesy. In such a situation, Rhea’s claim that I and Sushant spoke on the phone is wrong.’

Ankita further wrote – ‘Even till now I have said the same thing in all the interviews. When me and Sushant were together, he was not in any kind of depression. We used to dream about his success and I used to pray and he got success. This is what I have said so far. If I am asked any question about Rhea, I have clearly said that honestly I do not know her and I do not care about their relationship. It makes a difference when someone’s life is lost and if I’m asked questions about things related when we were together, I answer honestly and tell the truth.’

Ankita further says – ‘Therefore I still stand with the truth and family. Rhea is the reason for his death in the eyes of the family. They have chat and evidence, which cannot be ignored. I am with family and will stay till the end.’

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