Capt Dikshant Thapa sacrificed his life in the line of duty

by amolwarankar

Ladakh: Capt Dikshant Thapa of 6 Mechanised Infantry lost his life in the line of duty on 30 Aug 2020 in Galwan, Ladakh. While loading the BMP (Infantry Fighting Vehicle), in a civil truck trailer which toppled. Captain Dikshant Thapa passed away in an accident in Ladakh. The accident took place near Karu-Kiyari, 45 km from Leh. While loading BMP, a civil truck rammed the trailer due to which it toppled.

On the Night of 29/30 August 2020, PLA troops violated the previous consensus arrived at during military and diplomatic engagements during the ongoing standoff in Eastern Ladakh and carried out provocative military movements to change the status quo.

Indian troops,PLA activity on the Southern Bank of Pangong Tso Lake, undertook measures to strengthen our positions and thwart Chinese intentions to unilaterally change facts on groun

The Indian Army is committed to maintaining peace and tranquility through dialogue, but is also equally determined to protect its territorial integrity. A Brigade Commander level Flag Meeting is in progress at Chushul to resolve the issues.

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