China’s Infiltration is Deliberate Move To Provoke India, Revealed in US Intelligence Report

by pranjalipargaonkar

New Delhi : It is going to be around 4 months since the border dispute between India-China, but this whole matter is increasing day by day. Meanwhile, US intelligence agencies believe that the latest attempt to encroach on the southern coast of Lake Pangong from Tibet to Ladakh is aimed to deliberately provoke India. The report said that China deliberately provoked India and entered the disputed territory.

According to the US intelligence agencies, China is now dazed by the fact that its local commander decided to retreat after a skirmish with India. The Indian Army has strengthened its position by repelling the Chinese army on the southern shore of Pangong Lake. The intelligence agency says that the Indian Army did not allow any damage to the ground.

The South of Pangong Lake is Spanggur Tso Lake which is often dry. There are hills between Spanggur Tso and Pangong. A gap of about two and a half kilometers is formed at Spanggur Tso. This gap can cause movement. When the Chinese troops started a movement to capture these heights on the night of 29 August, Indian soldiers stopped them and reached about three hills.

Now Indian soldiers can monitor every movement in that area of China from these three peaks (heights). India also claims these peaks and China too. The way China has come and sat in the Finger Area, the same answer is being given on the south bank of Pangong Lake.

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