Coast Guard Rescues 12 Crew From Cargo Ship Sinking in Arabian Sea Off Gujarat Coast

by amolwarankar

Ahmedabad : The Coast Guard rescued 12 crew members from the cargo ship MSV Krishna Sudama, which was sinking in the Arabian Sea, about 18 km from Okha, off the coast of Gujarat. The officials gave this information on Sunday.

The Indian Coast Guard (ICG) said that on September 26, at around nine o’clock in the night, the Coast Guard at Okha was reported to have filled the cargo ship with water. The ship left Mundra in Gujarat on the morning of 26 September for Djibouti and carried 905 tones of rice and sugar. Immediate search and rescue teams were dispatched as soon as the information was received. Coast Guard Ship C-411 was sent from Okha, C-161 from Mundra to the spot.

Also MV Southern Robin was dispatched for help. Coast Guard Ship C-411 carried out a search operation after the exact location was reported from Southern Robin and 12 crew members were safely rescued from the sinking ship. As it was night, the search operation was very difficult. Also, there was a problem due to debris being scattered in the sea and not suited to the weather. Court Guard Ship C-161 conducted an operation in the area to find out if there was any oil leakage from the sinking ship.

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