Covid-19 test : Accurate Results of test will be found in just 90 minutes, new research claims

by amolwarankar

London: Researchers have discovered the process of a 90-minute high-speed COVID-19 test, which will not require a lab and can be done through a small cartridge from a mobile phone.

A study published in a journal Lancet Microb, it has found that the Lab-in-Cartridge rapid testing device can be placed near the patient’s bed and it gives the result of 94% sensitivity and 100% accuracy of the COVID-19 test.

For the test, the patient has to take a swab from the nose and insert it into the device. It involves tracing the gene of SARS-CoV-2 causing COVID-19 disease. The result will be revealed within just 90 minutes. The current process takes 24 hours.

Researcher Graham Cook of King’s College, London, UK, said it gave accurate test reports. According to the study, the device was used on COVID-19 suspected 280 NHS staff members. The results of the rapid testing device ‘CovidNudge test’ and standard hospital lab equipment were compared. 67 positive cases were confirmed in the result but 71 cases were found positive in the results of standard lab machines.

Globally, as of Friday morning, worldwide COVID-19 infected figures have crossed 30 million. According to university data, a total of more than 9 lakh 44 thousand people have died due to COVID-19 worldwide. The United States ranks first in the list of infected countries.

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