Daily food items if consumed excess may make your Immune Power Weak – Know How

by amolwarankar

New Delhi : Ministry of AYUSH is constantly advising people to include food items in your diet, which will increase your immunity. We are aware of things that increase immunity, but unaware of foodstuff that we consume on daily basis but consume in excessive quantity may reduce immunity.

If you pay attention and reduce them, then immune power will remain strong. Here is the list of items not to include in the diet.

Reduce salt intake

The excessive use of salt weakens your immune power. Its overuse reduces the body’s ability to fight against bacteria. The body is soon vulnerable to diseases. Therefore, if you use salt too much, then first of all, make a habit of eating less salt.

Tea and coffee are also affecting the immune system

We get used to drinking tea and coffee unnecessarily. These habits are weakening your immune system. Tea and coffee contain too much caffeine, which weakens your immune system. If you want to avoid coronavirus, then control your habit of drinking caffeine.

Cut down on sweet food

More sweet also reduces your immunity power, so eat limited amounts of sweet. Remember that woman should use only 6 teaspoons of sugar throughout the day, while men should use 9 teaspoons of sugar throughout the day.

Energy drinks can also weaken immune power

Energy drink weakens your immune power. It contains chemical which over the time directly affect the immune system. You can drink homemade energy drink if you want.

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