Electricity meter new rules 2020: Consumer has to install smart or pre-paid meters to avail electricity

by pranjalipargaonkar

New Delhi: The Central Government is going to take a major step in the field of power sector. Government is going to provide consumers ‘new’ power unlike existing electricity. In regards to it, the power ministry has sought suggestions from the common people and state governments under Rights of Consumers Rules, 2020.

Under new rules to avail electricity, the consumer has to install smart or prepaid meters then only he /she is entitled to use electricity. However, if there is a doubt on the payment of electricity bill, then the distribution companies will give you the option of taking real time consumption details and filing complain if not satisfied. The Ministry of Power is going modulate in legal form through new consumer rules. Consumers will be able to install this smart or prepaid meter on their own or can get it from DISCOM.

There will be no pressure on the consumer to install the meter from the discom itself. The consumer will get the option to send the bill details by himself. The distribution company will have no right to send you provisional bills. In few situations provisional bills can be sent only 2 times in a financial year. During the, coronavirus companies have sent thick bills in the name of provisional bills. In the draft of Consumer Rights 2020, the Ministry of Power has made these provisions

Electricity consumers will get new ‘power’. If a customer receives the bill 60 days late, then the customer will get a discount of 2-5% in the bill. The electricity bill can be paid by cash, check, debit card or net banking. The bill payment of 1000 rupees or above will be done online only. The rules for cutting, retracting, changing meters, billing and payment will be made easier.

The ministry will also issue provision of penalty / compensation on power distribution companies for delay in services. The compensation will be directly linked with the bill. There will be a 24×7 toll free center for consumers. The mobile app will be launched for getting a new connection, cut the connection and shift the connection. Any change in services like changing name, changing load, changing meter can also be done through this app.

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