Exchange of corpses in Sion hospital, people protested outside the hospital

by pranjalipargaonkar

Mumbai : Once again the mismanagement in Sion Hospital has come to light and this time it is exchange of deceased body. The body of 28-year-old Ankush Surwade was handed for cremation to another family than his own.

Ankush Surwade, a dancer by profession,was injured in a road accident on East Freeway road, Wadala. He was taken to Sion hospital and died on Saturday night after undergoing treatment for10 days.

Ankush’s family asked hospital to handover the body but it was already cremated by some other patient’s family. Ankush’s relatives lodged a complaint against the hospital at the police station after knowing the that body is cremated. Meanwhile, two doctors from the forensic department have been suspended in the case.

Ankush’s body was cremated by the family of another patient at Sion Cemetery. The family of another patient told Ankush’s relatives that the body was packed and cremated without seeing his face.

Ankush’s relatives as well as citizens of Wadala division had rushed to the Sion Hospital administration to seek an answer. Police were called due to the large crowd at the hospital.

Meanwhile, his family has alleged that the hospital have removed the Ankush’s kidney. MLA Kalidas Kolambakar has also said that part of his kidney has been amputated. However, the hospital administration has admitted that the body was exchanged and denied the allegation of kidney removal, sources said.

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