Exploring instagram’s question/answer feature, Ratan Tata gave surprising answers to his followers, Check out ‘here’

by pranjalipargaonkar

Tata Sons chief Ratan Tata is extremely popular on social media. Ratan Tata often inspires people with his words and stories on social media and then shares old photographs. Recently, using instagram’s question/answer feature allowed his followers to ask him questions.

Ratan Tata shared a post on his Instagram on 5 September, in which he wrote, ‘I have a lot of messages in my inbox, but I cannot reply to all. You all have asked many good questions. Out of this, I want to answer something. There is a question and answer feature on Instagram, I will try to answer some questions here on Sunday evening. ‘

Lot of netizens wrote questions to him. Among them one of the users asked, ‘what would have happened if you had not been the head of the Tata group’? In response to this question, he said- I probably would have tried to become a successful architect.

Another user asked him how to fight people who are not honest? In response to this, he said, ‘If you are honest with them, then you can compete with such people effectively.’ A user asked him do you do yoga?” So in response to this he said- yes every evening I do yoga.

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