Facemask will help not only prevent the spread of coronavirus but also immunized the body : Research Study

by amolwarankar

Calfornia: To prevent the spread of Coronavirus, it is advisable to wear a mask right from the beginning. However, health experts have now said that wearing masks will benefit young different ways. A report claimed that Mask not only reduces the spread of corona virus, but also helps in increasing immunity system.

This report claiming the increase of immunity power by wearing masks, has been published in the New England Journal of Medical. George W. Rutherford and Monica Gandhi of the University of California say that a face mask can act like a ‘variolation’ to boost the body immune system. It can also slow down the speed of infection.

How will immunity be strong?

Experts claim that the face mask can filter out the infectious elements that comes along with droplets. A small amount of virus gets out of the mask on sneezing or coughing. Earlier with the method if variculation people were immunized by this it means people were exposed to material of the crust of smallpox patients. So you don’t catch the illness

People did not fall seriously ill after coming in contact with infection as they already developed antibodies to fight the infections. Scientists are also exploring a similar possibility in COVID-19, which is based on the chronic theory of viral pathogenesis. This theory says that the severity of the disease depends on the virus inoculum, the infectious part of the virus that goes into the body.

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