HDFC Bank provides ‘this’ new facility, know here

by amolwarankar

Mumbai: HDFC private bank has launched new facility for its customer. It will now provide video KYC facility for its account holders.

The introductio of full video KYC facility for the customers will encourage them to get their online bank account, corporate salary account or personal loan required KYC safely. They do not need to go to the bank branch.

This service of the bank will be available on the working day from 10 am to 6 pm. In addition to online, fast and safe, the video KYC process also promotes paperless and contactless motto.

Banks will first make a video call for KYC. After this, confirm the customer’s information. It will take a photo of the customer. When customers show the original copy of the PAN card, then the photo will be confirmed. Bank account will be opens but before activating the account, video KYC audio-video dialogue is verified.

RBI had issued guidelines to complete the video-based KYC process at start of this year. After this many banks have worked on this facility.

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