Health in Your 30s : Women following right healthy choices can make them look young forever

by amolwarankar

New Delhi : Health is important irrespective of age but the context changes at times when human body grows. The healthy body criteria is different at different age. Especially for the girls when they reach the age of 30, girls usually get married have their own family. An Indian women at age 30 manages her work life as well as family in which she miss-out on taking care of herself. Although she still pays a lot of attention on grooming, her focus on physical health gradually starts to fall behind. At this age physical weakness and obesity come together. Even at the age of 30-35, women can look completely young as one is more cautious about her beauty. Similarly, if you take care of your health, you will always look evergreen. Only additional care is to taken. Here are few health tips for women at age of 30

• Sleep early rule is necessary

Juggling with life having kids, family and work around is tough thing to do. Women does everything hastily. She gets up early, prepare tiffin for everyone but she misses out the good sleep. If a women sleeps late then it will affect her entire day. Therefore, to keep the body fit, the first thing to do is to get at least seven hours of sleep. For this, you have to sleep early at night. The best way to do is not to watch mobile or TV one hour before bedtime. If you can’t sleep then read a good book.

•Heat Therapy Benefits

If you are troubled by muscle ache or chronic pain later falling sick, then try heat therapy also calling in hindi sikai. It will be effective on calming down you stretched muscles. It will keep your body parts warm and help in wear and tear of muscles.

•Skip fatty diets

There is lot to do for a woman in the morning, from cooking to other household chores and later leave for work. In all of this she has no time for healthy breakfast, she eats something which is quick and doesn’t consume much time. For example, applying butter on the bread, toast it and eat it hastily. This increases body fat. If you want to get rid of obesity, avoid oily and sticky substances.

•Drink warm water

Everything runs fast in the mill of the life. In such a situation, it is important to maintain the metabolism of the body. Usually, we drink hot water only when we have a cold, but in many scientific researches it has been proved that drinking hot water have great benefits. Whenever you wake up in the morning, drink hot water. After this, make the kadha consisting of tea leaves, basil leaves, cinnamon and ginger.

•Use more fiber vegetable in the diet:

Include green vegetables as much as possible in your diet. Vegetable which is high in fiber, will help in keeping the stomach clean along with all the nutrients in the body and eat salad daily.

•Be sure to do 5-exercises:

No matter what you eat, but is should be worked out. For that daily exercise is important. Even in your busy life it is necessary to take out some time for exercise and healthy body workout. This will tone your muscles and your face will also glow. Despite aging, you will not see wrinkles on your face. Do exercise according to your mind and body requirements.

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