High Alert in North Korea After Claims Of Kim Jong’s Death

by amolwarankar

Pyongyang : Rumors and speculation is once again spreading on the health of Kim Jong Un, the North Korean dictator. South Korean officials have claimed that Kim Jong has died and that power is now in the hands of his sister Kim Yo Jong. Although North Korea experts claim that Kim Jong has not died, he is in coma due to a serious illness. Meanwhile, according to the news agency Yonhap, a high alert has been declared in North Korea.

The rumor of Kim Jong’s death in North Korea started with a government advertisement which advised not to smoke. Kim Jong Un is a chain smoker and is also seen smoking in public places. In this way, going against the Supreme Leader and issuing such a government advertisement, it is being speculated that Kim Jong is no longer in power. There are reports that Kim Jong is in coma due to some serious illness and his sister Kim Yo Jong has now assumed power. Colonel David Maxwell, a retired US military expert on North Korean affairs, said, ‘I have not seen any such evidence nor have there been any indications of how Kim Yo Jong will rule, but I believe that she will rule in a very cruel way like her family.’

Kim Yo is considered more cruel than brother
According to Maxwell, Kim Jong was more open to western culture than his father, although his sister is not like that at all. According to experts, only South Korea has released news about the health of Kim Jong, although they have been proved wrong before. Chang Song-min, who was an officer of former South Korean President Kim Dae-jung, claimed that Kim Jong-un was in a coma.

Journalist Roy Kaili, who lived in North Korea, claimed that secrecy is kept in that country to such an extent that even those living there do not know what is happening in the country. He said in a conversation with Daily Express- ‘I really think he has died but nothing can be said about that country.’ Experts believe that it is necessary to stay cautious towards Kim Yo Jong because she can be proved more cruel than Kim Jong. She can take big decisions to create a better ruler image than Kim. Once again, an expert has claimed that the world’s most dangerous leader Kim Jong Un has died. The 36 year old Kim Jong has been on the post of Supreme Leader of North Korea since 2011.

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