India Busted Pakistan’s 5 Lies Over Terrorism & Kashmir At UN

by pranjalipargaonkar

New Delhi : The way Pakistan speaks lies to prove itself ‘poor’ in front of the world is not hidden, and now India has exposed Pakistan at the United Nations Union. India at UN has exposed the 5 lies of Pakistan by tweeting. It is told in tweets how Pakistan, which sponsors terror, makes false accusations on India. What is the condition of the minorities in Pakistan, who keep crying for Kashmir.

Pakistan’s 1st lie : Pakistan describes itself as a victim of terrorism, while Imran Khan himself admitted that 40 to 50 thousand terrorists are in Pakistan.

Pakistan’s 2nd Lie : Pakistan claims Al Qaeda is not based in Pakistan while Osama bin Laden was found there!

Pakistan’s 3rd Lie : Pakistan’s ridiculous claim that India leads terrorism activities in Pakistan.

Pakistan’s 4th Lie : There are also Indian terrorists in the terrorists list of the UN (1267 committee).

Pakistan’s 5th Lie : Propaganda on India’s minorities and Kashmir, whereas since 1947, 3 percent minorities are left in Pakistan today.

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