India will never win a war with China-Pakistan : Global Times

by amolwarankar

Beijing: The Chinese government’s mouthpiece Global Times has published an article in which it mentions India can never win a war against China- Pakistan together, it is impossible for India to win the war on two fronts at the same time

However, the current CDS and former Indian Army Chief General Bipin Rawat have also said that India is fully prepared for war from two fronts. India has fought with both China and Pakistan.

Meanwhile it also believes the situation now have changed. There is possibility of Pakistan and China coming together unlike 1962 war with China and 1965–71 war with Pakistan. Both the counties at that time kept itself away from the whole matter and did not take any side because of the pressure from the US. The China and Pakistan both had kept themselves neutral.

Many analysts agree that in the current situation neither Pakistan nor China will listen. It have expressed the apprehension that if war is erupted between India and China, the Pakistan can become China’s ally.

Punjab Chief Minister Captain Amarinder Singh said a few days ago that it is absolutely possible that India has to fight China-Pakistan simultaneously. So it need to strengthen India’s army.
India-China war

The Global Times wrote, the Pakistan Army keeps accusing India of violating ceasefire on LOC. Thw relation between Pakistan and India has strained as India ended the special status of Kashmir in August 2019 from fear of strengthening of separatists in Kashmir.

The report further states Global, despite India’s move in August 2019, Pakistan maintained patience. Pakistan is not militarily stronger than India but Kashmir has been a sensitive issue for Pakistan. If the government of Pakistan does not tighten its stand on Kashmir, then its popularity will decrease in its own country.

The report has raised a question on India, when India and China are not able to resolve the problems through talks then why it is acting so aggressive against Pakistan now? The Global Times states two reasons behind it- one, it feels India has sense of superiority within the Indian Army and Government over Pakistan. Another, the rise of feelings of Hindu nationalism in the country.

India also has a border dispute with its third neighbouring country Nepal. The Indian Army claims that it is fully prepared for war from two and a half front. Two and a half front means China, Pakistan and its internal security threats. However Global Times claims a fact is that the Indian Army is not able to meet such a challenge.
Fighting on many fronts is a serious challenge for any country.

The Global Times has written, to increase its military capability, India is buying modern weapons from Russia and Western countries and trying to get support from the international community including Western countries. In the last few years, India has been seen leaning towards America. Along with increasing military cooperation with the US and its close countries, India has also signed several military agreements. However, despite all these steps, India cannot fight the war with China and Pakistan at the same time.

The Global Times has written, “If India fights with China and Pakistan together or wields a big military conflict, then no country will come forward to help India apart from providing conditional weapons.”

It has criticized India for not maintaining a positive and friendly relationship with its neighbors because India has the mindset of being a strong country. It wants the supremacy in South Asia and feels that all the neighboring countries should obey its leadership.

Another factor behind escalating war is revenge of 1962. India was defeated in the war with China in 1962 and Indians have not forgotten this defeat till now. Secondly, China has friendship with India’s enemy country Pakistan. When India ended the special status of Jammu and Kashmir, China raised the issue on behalf of Pakistan in the UN Security Council, which have put India under pressure. In addition, China has increased cooperation with South Asian countries. India sees this as a growing intervention in its sphere of influence.

The Chinese media, which took provocative action on LAC, accused India that India had become a threat to the peace and stability of the region. The Global Times have also suggested if India really wants to become stronger then it needs to improve relations with its neighbouring countries.

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