Indian Oil launches awarness campaign, ask customer to check and take LPG cylinder

by amolwarankar

New Delhi: Indian Oil has launched a campaign in Delhi to make consumers aware of their rights to check the weight and leakage of LPG (LPG) before taking its refill cylinder.

Shyam Bohra, executive director and head of the Delhi region of Indian Oil launched the campaign. He flagged off digital-screened vans with an ‘audio-visual’ system, which would travel to different areas of Delhi to convey to customers what rights they had when taking cylinders.

Bohra claimed it will also spread awareness through a short film. The van will be accompanied by Indian Oil executives, distributors and distribution personnel, who will also provide pamphlets to customers.

Bohra emphasized that checking cylinders for leakage before delivery would also promote safe use of LPG. He also praised LPG delivery personnel, who have ensured uninterrupted supply of cylinders throughout the city, adhering to all COVID-19 standards during this difficult time.

The LPG distribution crew shows the weight of the cylinder on a digital weighing scale and also tests the cylinder for leakage in front of the customer after opening the seal with the permission of the customer.

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