Kids Health Tips : Follow these way to strengthen immune system of your child

by pranjalipargaonkar

Pune : Coronavirus infection is spreading due to which not only older but also children are being affected in large numbers. Many healthy experts and doctors around the world believe that the coronavirus can be defeated, if the immunity is strengthened. SImilarly, the immunity of the newborn to fight against coronavirus infection and many other diseases is to be strengthened. When the immunity of children is weak, they are vulnerable to infections like cold, fever, cold and viral.

Few ways to increase the immunity power of children

Micronutrients play a huge role in strengthening the immunity system of children. Mother’s milk is considered to be the most important for children. Apart from this, foods that are rich in Vitamin C like Amla, Guava, Orange, Lemon are helpful in increasing your immunity. Along with this, they are also helpful in better absorption of iron. The mother should eat foods rich in vitamin B6 such as cane, chicken and fish etc. to increase the quality of her milk.

Sun Bath

It is also necessary to put the newborn in the sun for a while. Take the newborn every day for a while in light sunlight. Sun  provides Vitamin D, which along with strengthening the immune system of the child, also protects him from diseases like cold, cough and fever

Massage children

Sitting in the sun, massage them with light hands, applying oil. By this, both the bones and the immune system of the child are strengthened. Massaging children also helps their cells work well which helps them to get good sleep.

Doctor’s advice

Dr. Vidya B. Ghosh, Senior Consultant, Pediatrics Department of Yashoda Super Specialty Hospital Kaushambi said, ‘the Corona virus is spreading fast, it is necessary to stop it or have to increase the immunity. so will have to force the immunity of children to grow. For 6 months, feed your milk to the children and at the same time take care of your food so that there is no shortage of micronutrients inside the mother’.

The baby gets the required diet in mother’s milk, as well as immunoglobulanus, iron, essential vitamins, diets and many substances. It also receives calcium and iron supplement in the first 6 months. The child’s body should be empowered to fight sickness, children above 6 months of age should be fed frequently and should never be hungry.

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