Medwin Healthcare Launches Device To Contain Spread Of Coronavirus

by amolwarankar

New Delhi: Medwin Healthcare on Tuesday announced the launch of a device which, it claimed, has the ability to contain the spread of coronavirus. The device, Shycocan (Scalene Hypercharge Corona Canon), has been invented by Rajah Vijay Kumar who is Chairman & Chief Scientific Officer, Organization de Scalene and Scalene Cybernetics Ltd, Medwin Healthcare said in a statement.

The company is the international humanitarian agreement holder to manufacture and market Shycocan for India as well as for the entire South Asia, it added. “Shycocan is proven to be 99.9 per cent effective in neutralising the Spike-Protein or S-protein that are present in coronavirus.

We have received approvals from the US Food and Drug Administration (USFDA) and the European Union Confirmite Europenne (CE),” Kumar said. The product has fulfilled the conditions laid down by European Union- CE and it is market enabled as per the USFDA”s enforcement discretion guidance during the COVID-19 Public Health Emergency, the statement said.

“Medwin Healthcare will manufacture and market this device not only for the people in India but for the world at large,” Medwin Healthcare CEO Debashis Bose said while addressing the virtual launch of the device. The company will first dispatch the product to hospitals, clinics and other frontline warriors, he added.

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