MP Special DG beats his wife, another video goes viral

by amolwarankar

Bhopal : Another viral video of Madhya Pradesh Special DG Purushottam Lal Sharma is doing rounds of internet. The video shows Purushottam Sharma beating his wife. The video is said to be shot when his wife caught him red handed with another woman. However, the video is not been verified yet.

Earlier, the similar video of MP Special DG Purushottam Sharma beating his wife went viral. In the video, special DG Purushottam Sharma was seen beating his wife brutally. DG Purushottam Sharma has confessed that he is in the video and is ready to face legal action. Though no FIR has been filed in this case yet. However, Purushottam Sharma has been attached to the Ministry of Home Affairs, relieving him of his post.

ADG Upendra Jain says that no formal complaint has been received. The man who sent the video has claimed that he is a son, but the authenticity of it remains to be ascertained. On the basis of complaint sent through mobile, a female police officer was sent to the house of Purushottam Sharma, but his wife refused to register the complaint.

The video that is going viral on social media depicts IPS officer of the rank of Director General of Police, Purushottam Sharma is beating his wife. The police officer pushed his wife on the floor and beat her brutally. During this time, the employees present in the house tried to rescue the DG’s wife.

One thing is becoming clear from the viral video on social media that the reason for the dispute is the DG’s affair with another woman. There is a long-running dispute between husband and wife about this. Purushottam Sharma’s name has also appeared in Honey Trap Case.

Domestic violence case are not new in India, irrespective of the accused being in good positions and literacy. The cases of beating spouses have always been in news. Recently, a video was made viral where pilot husband beat her techie wife, who later committed suicide.

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