Muslim Man got married his ‘adopted’ Hindu sisters

by amolwarankar

Ahmednagar: Hindu- Muslim tussle is not unknown. When the country is divided in the name religion, a beautiful story of harmony comes to light. A Muslim man towards his adopted Hindu sisters stands out to be an example of unity and peace. Bababhai Pathan hailing from Ahmednagar, Maharashtra adopted two orphaned Hindu women as his sisters and got them married following Hindu customs and rituals.

Pathan used his personal savings to conduct the rituals.The story was shared on Twitter by journalist Aarif Shah, who said, “Muslim man Bababhai Pathan, from Ahmednagar, Maharashtra, has adopted two orphan sisters & wedded them from his own expenses according to the Hindu rituals. He has been widely praised for his humanitarian work across the country.”

The age-old divide between religions is proved wrong when such incidents come to light. Netizens expressed their love and affection towards Pathan and reiterated the constant need of such ‘cordiality’ between people irrespective of beliefs and faith.

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