‘Not Answerable to Any Govt.’, Chhota Shakeel After Pakistan Confirms Dawood Ibrahim’s Presence in Karachi

by pranjalipargaonkar

New Delhi : Underworld don Chhota Shakeel has denied reports that India’s most wanted terrorist and mastermind of 1993 Mumbai bomb blasts Dawood Ibrahim is in Karachi, Pakistan. Shakeel said that Indian media is telling that Dawood is not in Karachi or anywhere in Pakistan. He also said that he is not accountable to any government, including Pakistan. Mafia don Chhota Shakeel is also the main accused in the 1993 Mumbai bomb blasts along with Dawood. He is also called the right hand of Dawood Ibrahim, the most wanted don of the underworld. It is pressurized that along with Dawood, he also lives in Karachi.

While talking on the phone, Chhotha Shakeel said, ‘It is your responsibility, not ours. We are not in Karachi. Then how can anyone tell us we’re here. In this era of social media, you can guess anything. You are free to show anything.’

Last week, the Government of Pakistan had ordered the seizure of assets of terrorist organizations and those running them and sealing bank accounts. Dawood Ibrahim’s name was mentioned in the document with the name of the White House, Karachi in the list released by the Government of Pakistan. Earlier, Pakistan has always denied the presence of underworld don Dawood Ibrahim.

Last week, Pakistan had admitted for the first time that Dawood is in Karachi, but a day later Pakistan chnaged its statement. Actually, Pakistan is doing all this game to get out of the gray list of International Terrorism Funding Organization (FATF). The debt-ridden Pakistan fears that they might be put on the black list. Therefore, the lie of Pakistan was also exposed recently. The documents related to Dawood which Pakistan showed to the FATF, they are all on back date. That is, the old document was now uploaded by Pakistan on the website this month.

Chhota Shakeel used to run a suspected travel agency in Nagpada, South Mumbai in the mid-60s. In the 1980s he reunited with Dawood and emerged as a mafia. He is one of the strongest confidants of Dawood. Many investigative agencies also say that he lives in Dawood’s D Company as an undisclosed CEO.

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