Pope Francis : Well-cooked food or pleasure from sex is ‘divine’

by amolwarankar

Buenos Aires: Pope Francis, the supreme leader of Christianity made a statement which soon became matter of discussion. In a interview given to a book, which is published on Wednesday, he said that well-cooked food or pleasure from sex is ‘divine’.

The Pope said in an interview to an Italian writer, ‘any kind of pleasure that we receive directly from God is neither Catholic, Christian nor anything else, it is only divine.

The Pope said in the interview, “The Church has always condemned inhuman, cruel, vulgar bliss, but on the other hand has accepted human, simple and moral pleasure.”

The Pope said that in the eyes of God, there is no place for such a jealous morality that denies happiness. He said that these things were followed in the church long ago, but gradually this message of Christianity is being misinterpreted.

The Pope said, ‘The pleasure of eating keeps you healthy, just as sexual pleasure makes love more beautiful. Due to this, various species survive’.

Further added, ‘The opposing views have caused a lot of damage, which can still be felt strongly in some cases’.

He supported his statement, the pleasure of eating and sexual pleasure comes from God by referring to a film called Babette’s Feast.

This interview of the Pope is featured in a book called TerraFutura, written by Petrini. This interview was done to know the Pope’s attitude towards environment and sociality.

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