Rafael fighter in action now, know the features of it ‘Here’

by amolwarankar

New Delhi: Rafael fighter aircraft today formally joined the fleet of the Indian Air Force. The Rafael Induction program was held at Ambala Air Force Station for the aircraft to join the Air Force. Defense Minister Rajnath Singh and his French counterpart Florence Parly also attended the event.

Rafael Aircraft

The Rafale aircraft is a 2-engine fighter aircraft made by French aviation company Dass Aviation. First in 1970, there was a demand by the French Army to replace its older version fighter jets. France then began work on a multi-purpose fighter aircraft project with 4 European countries, but later France drifted apart with those countries, after which France single-handedly started work on the project.

Rafael aircraft have the ability to destroy enemy targets without crossing the border. Without crossing the airspace border, Rafael has the potential to fully affect targets up to 600 kilometers within Pakistan and China. The Indian Air Force have made its side strong in defending against Pakistan and China by deploying Rafale on the border. It can create heavy destruction on China-Pakistan Borders in 45 minutes from Ambala and then locating the target from there.

The range of Rafale capable of air-to-air and air-to-surface firepower is said to be 3700 kilometers. Therefore, its range can be increased much more than the prescribed range. That is, if needed, Rafael can go inside enemy territory and strike air more than 600 kilometers. 40 targets will be captured simultaneously in a radius of 100 km.

One of the major features of Rafale is that once flying from the airbase, within a radius of 100 km, Rafale will hold 40 targets simultaneously. For this, multi-directional radar is fitted in the aircraft.

100 kilometers in advance, the Rafale pilot will know that there is a target in this radius, which may threaten the aircraft. These targets can also be enemy aircraft. The first pilot of the two-seater Rafale will locate the enemy’s target. The second pilot, after receiving the signal of the locked target, will operate the weapons engaged in Rafale to destroy it.

A ton of cameras will hit the pinpoint target
The arrival of fighter jet Rafael with a firepower of 3700 km will not only strengthen the air defense, but will also strengthen the vigilance. All the weapons, including nuclear weapons, can be launched through it. There will also be a six-month guarantee for weapons storage. Apart from all these features, Rafale has a tonne of camera facilities on the radar system. This feature completely differentiates it from all fighter aircraft. With a ton of cameras, its target would be perfect. The camera is so sensitive that even the smallest thing on the ground can be seen from it. In simple words it will be easy to hit the fish’s eye i.e. pin point.

Rafael can fly to an altitude of about 60 thousand feet in a minute. This will accelerate the modernization of the Indian Air Force. The Indian Air Force’s MiG aircraft was known to be an unmistakable target, but Rafael’s target would be even more accurate. Air raid, ground support, air supremacy, heavy attack and nuclear deterrence are the characteristics of Rafale aircraft. Advanced in technology, the aircraft is capable of conducting aerial surveillance, ground support, in-depth strikes, anti-sharp strikes and nuclear operations. It has multi mode radar.

60 Hours Extra Flight Guarantee

Rafale has a maximum carrying capacity of 24500 kg. The fuel capacity in the aircraft is 17 thousand kg. It is a two-engine fighter aircraft, which is the first choice of the Indian Air Force. It cnn be sent in every kind of mission. 60 hours of extra flight is guaranteed. The missile fired from it up to a distance of 150 km does not come into the enemy’s eyes quickly. The range of the scalp missile is 300 km. Rafale has a maximum speed of 2,130 km / h and a firepower up to 3700 km.

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