These Are The Top 7 Boarding Schools in India That Offer Quality Education With Other Activities

by pranjalipargaonkar

New Delhi : If you want to teach your child in a boarding school, then today we have brought you information about the 7 best boarding schools in India. Boarding schools are residential schools where education is provided along with living facilities. So let’s know about those 7 prestigious boarding schools where teaching their children is the first choice of parents.

Doon School, Dehradun
Doon School in Dehradun is considered one of the best boarding schools in the country. It is an all-boys school and was established in 1935. School students can complete their education in IB, ICSE or IGCSE board. The official website of the school is

Welham Girls School, Dehradun
The Welham Girls School is a private school in Dehradun, Uttarakhand which was established in 1957. It is an all-girls school and is considered one of the best boarding schools for girls in India. The school offers a wide range of extracurricular activities to the girl students with several international programs. Its official website is

Mayo College, Ajmer
Mayo College is an all-boys boarding school in Ajmer, Rajasthan which was established in 1875, making it one of the oldest board schools in India. The school is affiliated to CBSE and is quite famous for the sports facilities provided to its students. The official website of Mayo College is

The Lawrence School, Sanawar
Lawrence School is a private boarding school in Himachal Pradesh near Sanawar, Shimla. Established in the year 1847, its history, influence and richness have made it one of the most prestigious schools in Asia. It is affiliated to CBSE and is a co-ed school. The official website of Lawrence School is

Convent of Jesus and Mary, Mussoorie
The Convent of Jesus and Mary, commonly known as CJM Waverly, is a girls’ boarding school located in Mussoorie, Uttarakhand. It was established in 1845 and students of both Catholic and non-Catholic classes study here. Its faculty and educational programs are considered very commendable. It is affiliated to CBSE and its official website is

Scindia School, Gwalior
The Scindia School is a boys’ boarding school and is ranked as one of the top boarding schools for boys in India. Famous for its picturesque environment, the school is situated in the magnificent Gwalior Fort and is affiliated to CBSE. The official website of Scindia School is

St. Paul’s School, Darjeeling
St. Paul’s School is an independent boarding school for boys in Darjeeling city of West Bengal, India. It was established in 1823 making it one of the oldest public schools in Asia. It is usually called the Eton of the East due to its traditional values and discipline. The school teaches CISCE syllabus and its official website is

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