Uttar Pradesh : Yogi Government To Put Posters Of RAPISTS At ‘Cross Roads’

by amolwarankar

Lucknow : The Yogi government of UP has tightened the rules for crime against women. The government will run ‘Operation Misdemeanor’ against misdemeanors Misconduct and criminals. Government has ordered posters of such criminals to be put up at crossroads. Yogi said that in case of any criminal incident with women, the respective beat incharge, outpost incharge, station in-charge and CO will be responsible.

CM Yogi said that criminals who commit any kind of crime against women should be punished only by women police personnel. UP CM also ordered to reveal the names of the helpers of such criminals.

CM Yogi said that the society should know about the perpetrators of any kind of incident with women and girls, so posters of such criminals will be put on the crossroads.

Earlier also, CM Yogi had taught a bitter lesson to all rioters who committed violent demonstrations and rioting against CAA. CM Yogi Adityanath had put the photographs of all the rioters publicly in the city so that everyone can know the rioters and criminals can get strict lessons. Now CM Yogi Adityanath has given the same order against those who also molest women.

The special bench, in a 14-page judgment, termed the action of the state government as contrary to the right to privacy (fundamental right) under Article 21 of the Constitution. The court said that fundamental rights cannot be snatched away. There is no law that allows the information of the accused to be made public by placing a poster-banner.

After this, a petition was filed in the Supreme Court against the order of Allahabad High Court.

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