Was Chinese Defense Minister Wei Fenghi disrespected at SCO meeting, Know ‘Here’

by amolwarankar

Russia: Rajnath Singh has received more attention than Chinese Defense Minister Wei Fenghi in recent diplomatic conventions in Russia. The hospitality given to Defense Minister Rajnath Singh clearly states Russia gave more importance to India’s friendship than China. Everywhere in Russia, Chinese Defense Minister Wei Fengahi was seen following Indian Defense Minister Rajnath Singh.

Defense Minister Rajnath Singh and Chinese Defense Minister General Wei Fenghe arrived together to offer flowers at the Russian military memorial, Russian military officials were seen surrounded by both sides. However Chinese Defense Minister Wei Fenghi did not receive much attention. Wei continued to be isolated. Pakistani generals were also walking with Wei. The entire focus of Russian military officers was on Rajnath Singh.

Chinese Defense Minister’s disrespect in Russia?
Rajnath Singh was given more attention. For example, prior to the SCO meeting, a small program was scheduled in which all the defense ministers of SCO, including Rajnath Singh, went to the largest church of the Russian army but the Defense Minister of China was unnoticed..

During this time, the Russian Defense Minister was constantly seen walking with Rajnath Singh. Not only this, the Defense Minister of Russia was seen talking to Rajnath Singh only. China’s defense minister was following them. The Russian Defense Minister paid no attention to China.

China is the founder member of Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO). India became its member in the year 2017.

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