What to do when the coronavirus patient is your neighbour ?

by amolwarankar

Pune: Coronavirus has become part of life. It is the new normal. There are many rumors going on around the world from social media to the individual level. We have to avoid them. By relying on them, we cannot risk our own and other people’s lives. There is an hostile environment around us but don’t get carried away with it. Instead be the stopper of rumours. Follow the guidelines issued by government

What to do?

Do not panic. If a corona infected patient has been found in your neighborhood. Follow the advice and you will be all good.  Stay in your house, avoid meeting people in the vicinity. You just have to take care of yourself and family. Keep distance from corona patients and their family members

Use mask

According to some reports, this virus is also spread through air. Especially in closed spaces. So whenever you are in public places cover yours  with masks. If possible, wear disposable gloves when outside. So that you avoid touching the rolling surface of doors and stairs in public places.

Avoid touching lift or elevator

Following social distancing means not meeting people and not forming a group in one place. This will prevent infected people from spreading infections. Apart from this, avoid using lift as far as possible and use stairs only.

Disinfect doors and surfaces frequently

Clean and disinfect every major surface of the house from your door, lock, table top, light switch, handle, as soon as possible.

Take Steam

The moment you know your neighbour is a positive case, take steam 5 times a day and gargle your mouth with warm water twice a day.

Be a good neighbour

The person who is quarantined, be good to them. They are humans who are just infected for the time being. Don’t blame them or be angry with them. They are already isolated so don’t

harass the person mentally and socially. Do not post on social media by taking a photo of the person who has a home quarantine. Because the person living in the house concerned is under surveillance only.

Be sensitive

If you have a neighbour home quarantined or hospitalised then be sensitive towards the person. But, do not embrace him with enthusiasm or shake hands but help them out.  Do not ask suspected patients staying in Quarantine to vacate the rented house. Do not treat them badly.

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