World Can Get Good News Soon, Russian Vaccine Sputnik V Induced Antibody Response in Trials

by pranjalipargaonkar

New Delhi : In Russia, the doubts about vaccination before completing the corona vaccine tests seem to be false. Russia’s Sputnik V vaccine has been successful in generating immunity with sufficient antibodies. This has increased the possibility of getting a vaccine this year. The prestigious medical journal Lancet reported on Friday that the Russian COVID-19 vaccine was found safe in the study. The vaccine-generated antibody is similar to that seen in healthy patients after treatment with COVID-19. The response of the virus-fighting T cell has also been good.

In fact, Russia, after completing the first two-stage human trials, announced to meet the vaccine standards and begin vaccination on 11 August. However, Russia’s first two-stage trials were not monitored by the WHO or any other reputable institution. In such a situation, scientific institutions across the world had expressed doubts about the vaccine. Russia’s Gamaleya Research Institute is also testing Phase III vaccines on 40 thousand volunteers. However, at-risk groups are already being vaccinated.

Lancet found that 76 volunteers who had vaccinated in the first two stages produced enough antibodies and neutralized the COVID-19 virus. London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine scientist Brendan Rein said that this is good news for the whole world, but we will have to wait for the third phase of testing. Vaccination showed minor side effects such as fever, headache, joint pain.

Russia will begin mass production of Sputnik V from October. One billion doses have been signed with 20 countries (Turkey, Philippines etc.) and Russia is in touch with the Department of Biotechnology of India regarding production.

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