Chinese Virologist says, Coronavirus is a man-made virus made by China

by pranjalipargaonkar

Hongkong: Many countries from America to Europe had blamed China for the origin of coronavirus. However the claims have been confirmed by Chinese women virologist herself.

Virologist Li-Meng Yan have said, ‘she has enough evidence to prove coronavirus to be man-made which she will soon introduce’. She accused the Chinese government of hiding lot of information about virus.

According to Li-Meng coronavirus has not come from Wuhan’s meat market because the meat market is just a smoke screen as the virus is not a product of nature.

On asking how virus originated, Li Meng said, ‘this dangerous virus has come from Wuhan’s lab and it is man-made. The genome sequence of this virus is like a human finger print and on the basis of this, I will prove that it is a man-made virus. The presence of human finger prints in any virus is enough to tell that it has been originated by humans.

Li-Meng said that even if you do not have the knowledge of biology or you do not read it, you will still be able to identify the origin of the virus by its size.

Li-Meng has made serious allegations on the Chinese government. She had left Hong Kong and moved to America. According to her all her personal information is erased from the government database and colleagues were asked to spread rumors about her.

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