Face shield are not effective to prevent coronavirus : Japanese Study

by amolwarankar

New Delhi: People all over the world are wearing face shield to prevent coronavirus. However, Japanese supercomputer has revealed that Face Shield does not protect you from corona virus infection as it does not prevent small droplets of moisture blowing in the air. Therefore, face shield is not effective to prevent the spread of corona virus.

Research was done on the plastic face shield from Japan’s supercomputer Fugaku. In this research, it was found that the droplets of less than 5 micrometres in the air escape through the plastic face shield and enter the body through your breath. If these drops contain corona virus, then no one can prevent infection.

The micrometer is one millionth of a meter. According to Kobe-based government research institute Riken, more than half of the drops as large as 50 micrometers find their way into the air on their own. Coronavirus can also enter small droplets from it.

According to Riken’s team leader Makoto Tsubokora, this research has been done on thousands of droplets of different sizes. As a result, they have cautioned against the plastic face shield used as an alternative to the mask. He said that the face guard or face shield is not effective than the mask.

According to Makoto, the effectiveness of the face guard in preventing drops from the mouth of an infected person is much less than that of a mask. People who are not advised to wear masks. For example, people with respiratory problems and small children. They can be worn with face shield instead of mask in ventilated place.

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