Husband drove 1,300 km scooter so her pregnant wife can attempt exams

by amolwarankar

Gwalior: A pregnant wife can give her examination, so her husband rides her on a scooter for 1300 Kilometer in Madhya Pradesh. Couple Dashrath and Soni Manjhi are residents of Gantatola village in Jharkhand, both of them started their ride on 28 August and reached Gwalior in Madhya Pradesh on 30 August to attempt second year diploma exams.

This is an example of, if the mind is determined to complete the work, no matter it will be done. A married couple from Jharkhand, in which the husband seated his pregnant wife and drove a 1,300 km scooter so that the wife’s examination would not be missed. Throughout this journey Soni remained seated behind her husband so that she could appear for the second year of her diploma.

Though Soni Manjhi is 7 months pregnant she does not want to waste a year. Dasharatha was not in favor of this, eventually he did fulfill Soni’s dreams and make her career.

According to the couple attempting the exams they made this trip. However they had no money for the trip and took a loan mortgaging her jewelry.

Dasharatha said, ‘After completing studies, Soni will become a teacher and hence we can improve the future of the newborn in our life’. Soni added, ‘I can face any problem with the support of my husband’.

Dasharatha is 37 years old and works in a catering company citing cancellation of trains and taxis charging 25 to 30 thousand rupees, decided to take the road.

The couple have received several calls from the Chief Minister’s Office. The Government of Madhya Pradesh will provide air tickets for both of them and send them to Delhi, after which transport will be arranged to go from Delhi to the village of Jharkhand.

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