Ruckus in Lok Sabha Over Impolite Comments; ‘Dacoit’, ‘Donkey’ & ‘Robber’ Like Words Used For Each Other

by pranjalipargaonkar
New Delhi : During the discussion on the taxation bill in Lok Sabha on Friday, all the dignity of the house was broken due to the indecent comments. The entire discussion focused on the ‘PM Cares Fund’ created to overcome the Corona epidemic, and the ruling party and opposition embarrassed the House with unparliamentary comments. Words like ‘Donkey’, ‘Dacoit’, ‘Kal Ka Chhokra’, ‘Lootera Khandan’ were said for each other. Due to this, the proceedings of the House were interrupted four times for about two hours.

During the discussion on the bill, all members of the opposition questioned the ‘PM Cares Fund’. Shashi Tharoor, Kalyan Banerjee, Adhir Ranjan Chaudhary, Saugat Rai, accused it of not following the law in its formation. The opposition also questioned transparency. After this, when the Minister of State for Finance Anurag Singh Thakur came to speak, the discussion derailed.

Anurag said, the opposition has objections to every decision of the Modi government. Jan Dhan, Demonetization, Triple Talaq, CAA, GST all were questioned. But they only got disappointment from the court and public court. Anurag said Nehru created the Prime Minister’s National Disaster Fund, but did not register it. The entire fund was created to benefit the Nehru-Gandhi family. When Adhir objected to the name of Sonia Gandhi, Anurag said, I will take the name of the entire family in the discussion. Anurag described Congress MPs as slaves of a family.

Congress parliamentary party leader Adhir Ranjan Chaudhary lost his temper over Anurag’s statement. He said, the discussion on the bill was taking place in a normal manner. The opposition protested in a constitutional manner. We did not say that PM Modi is stealing through this fund or taking money from China. But do not know from where the ‘Kal Ka Chokra’ came from Him, who spoiled the whole atmosphere. The unparliamentary words were later removed from the proceedings.

Kalyan Banerjee of TMC accused the speaker of bias. He said, you can suspend me if you want, but remain silent during the unparliamentary attack on the opposition from the government. You do not say anything to BJP members. It will not work. I will not let this go on.

The speaker said, I have explained all sides. Warned all sides not to stand and keep their points. I have told everyone, they will be thrown out of the house. Yet such allegations are not justified. No member can try to run the House on his own.

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