Russia Releases Video Of The ‘Largest Nuclear Test’, 3333 Times Stronger Than The Hiroshima Blast

by pranjalipargaonkar

New Delhi : Russia has released a 59-year-old video of the world’s largest nuclear test. In this test conducted on October 30, 1961, the power of the Atom bomb was 3,333 times more than the nuclear explosion by the US on Hiroshima. The force of this nuclear bomb named Tsar Bomba, also called ‘Ivan’, tested by the Soviet Union during the Cold War, is the most powerful of all nuclear explosions in the world so far.

This dangerous atom bomb of about 50 megatons was tested in the Russian Arctic Sea (Barents) Sea, which was bursting with strength equal to 50 million tons of conventional explosions. This atomic bomb was dropped by Russian aircraft in the ice above Novaya Gemalya in the Arctic sea. When the Western world came to know about this atomic bomb, it was named ‘Tsar Bamba’. On 20 August, Russia’s Rosatom State Atomic Energy Corporation released a 30-minute documentary on its YouTube channel.

An aircraft 100 miles from the site of the explosion made a video of a mushroom-shaped cloud, which went to an altitude of about 2,13,000 feet. After this blast, the US-Russia signed a treaty in 1963 and both countries stopped the testing of atomic bombs in the air. Experts say that Russia got a great technological achievement through its testing.

The fear of this atomic bomb was so high that the cameras were installed hundreds of miles away. At the same time, they were kept in a low light position, so that the person shooting did not lose the eyesight in the glow of nuclear explosions. These powerful cameras made a video of the fireball for about 40 seconds and then turned into a cloud of mushroom shape.

These bombs were made by Russia during the worst phase of the Cold War between the US and the Soviet Union. In just seven years, the Soviet Union made a large atom bomb like ‘Ivan’ to compete with America’s thermonuclear device. In 1954 the US tested its largest thermonuclear device on Marshall Island. It was 15 megatons and was named Castel Bravo.

This is how the test happened
The atomic bomb was transported by train to Olen’ya Airbase from where it was loaded onto a long-range TU-95 (bomb-year-old aircraft). On 30 October the bomber took off and reached Severny Island, about 600 miles away. The aircraft reached 13,000 feet above the ground and dropped the bomb with a parachute, so that it slowly fell to the ground and the aircraft had time to get away from the blast.

The explosion causes an earthquake of 5 magnitude on the Richter scale and will be felt worldwide.

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